z-edge z3 Review: Superior Night Vision & Expert Witness

If you are looking a high quality dash cam. Then z-edge z3 is a best option for you. Read here z-edge z3 Review and features.

Crash for cash and other vehicle insurance frauds, drivers are increasingly investing in cameras to protect themselves. Investing in a good dash cam is therefore now a necessity rather than a luxury. It is the essential that you may not understand the importance of having until you need it. Don’t regret when you do need it and you don’t have one. The z-edge z3 dash cam camera is a pocket-friendly, durable. It is an easy to use and a reliable dash cam. Made with you in mind, the cameras latest technology it is able to capture crisp day and night images.


  • Display Screen: 0″ HD screen
  • Lens: 145-degrees
  • Video Resolution: 2560×1080 30P, 2304×1296 30P, 1920×1080 45P, HDR 1920×1080 30P, 1920×1080 30P
  • Photo Resolution: 13M
  • G-Sensor: in – Built
  • Battery: Li-ion battery 210mAH internal
  • External Storage Support: Up to 64GB
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 140℉
  • Storage Temperature: -4 to 158℉
  • Languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese


This is one of the best dash cams that provide high-quality images. The camera is designed with a CMOS sensor that provides super recording. It has optical glass lenses that provide up to 145 degrees angle recording. It also has automatic safeguards that switch on and off and then starts to record automatically.z-edge z3 dash cam

z-edge z3 Review & Features

  • Motion Detection

The z-edge z3 dash cam is equipped with the latest technology motion sensor. The G-Sensor installed in the camera detects any movement in the vehicle whether it is stationary or mobile. The sensor is intelligent enough to sense any huge impacts like collusion, and automatically locks the recording on impact. The z-edge camera sensors also easily detect even slight vibrations and instantly start recording without lighting up the screen display. The sensor is also wired to stop recording 30 seconds after it senses any movement. The G sensor allows the camera to start automatic recording even when the car is switched off.

  • Automatic On/Off Powering

Automatic powering is one of the best features of the z-edge dash cam. The camera is enabled to start up and shut down automatically as soon as the car is switched on or off. The display of the screen is also wired to automatically switch off a short time after the camera has been powered on. This short screen-on interval is to give the driver an opportunity to ensure that the camera settings are okay. The screen display then automatically dims. This is to avoid any distraction to the driver, this is so especially at night where the display light can be very distracting. This feature saves you the time and energy of starting the camera each time you switch on the vehicle.

  • Picture Quality

The z-edge z3 dash cam is a high-quality dash cam with an Ultra 2K High Definition quality of the image.  The image is recorded frame by frame at 30 frames each second in 2560x1080p Super HD. The quality can be changed to suit your preference. Additionally, the z edge z3 dash cam is able to record quality images with a very broad field of view (FOV) of 150 degrees. Not only that, the Dashboard camera can also zoom in to get clear shots without you having to worry about fisheye distortion. The camera is sure to give you precise image details.

  • Easy Installation and use

The camera is very user-friendly and easy to install and doesn’t need professional set up. All you have to do is first remove the camera and accessories from the box. The camera comes with a suction mount that the camera is attached to. Attach the camera to the mount and then attach the mount on to your windshield or dashboard. Make sure to lock it in place. You then attach the dashcam cable to the camera and back to your charger. The camera comes with cable clips which help you attach the cable neatly to avoid dangling wires.

  • Parking Mode

The z-edge dash cam can be enabled in parking mode. This means that the camera will remain on even after the vehicle engine has been shut off. However, any movement or vibration of the vehicle will trigger the camera to start recording. The dash cam will automatically turn off 30 seconds after the movement has stopped. At this time the rechargeable battery’s power will be used. The camera’s screen is also automatically turned off to save battery power during recording using a battery. But this is not an automatic setting, it has to be enabled for it to function.

  • Enhanced Night Vision

The dash cam has been enabled an image sensor and processor. This technology allows the z-edge z3 dash cam to capture clear images and details even at a distance across various light conditions. The wide dynamic range (WDR) technology plus the HDR night capture technology enables the camera to filter and balance light and capture clear images even at night. The technology aids in balancing exposure to compensate for dark or bright spots and. Its highly sensitive six glass lens sensor captures images precisely. Also, its extra-wide lens lets in maximum light to produce sharp images.z-edge z3 Review

 Editor’s Note: Ids the z-edge dash cam worth the Shot?

If you do not want unnecessary features that are included in dash cams like Wi-Fi and GPS, try this dash come. With the ability to capture details across all light conditions, image quality, large screen, wider recording angle and much more, you should consider this cam as a great investment.


  • Can be used with an external power source
  • Has an LCD screen 3.0″ scratch resistant
  • Has a wide view angle
  • Camera is easy to install and operate
  • Has an automatic G-sensor


  • Does not have a GPS system


Still not sure whether to invest in this dash cam? Make sure to check out its wonderful features. Try it out! This dashboard camera offers a lot in terms of service and flexibility. It can be used anytime day or night and can easily be mounted and removed. You can even use it to record in the house. Its wide-angle view and recording are looped to ensure you don’t miss a thing.  The camera will be your “eye on things” when you are away or when accidents happen suddenly. Don’t be left blind sighted get your z-edge dash cam today.


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