Rexing S300 Review: Advanced Car Dashboard Camera

Rexing S300 review is a clear guide to the best dashboard cam that you need to enjoy your ride.

As you drive anything can happen. Most insurance companies require your car to have one installed. Dashboard cameras will take recordings of your drive and store. The choice of a dash cam can be a complicated affair to a driver if you are not versed with the qualities to look for. The dash cam is a necessity for any driver today.

An ideal dash cam should make clear and sharp recordings have a rotatable lens, take videos at different angles, an emergency lock and auto-detection features are some of the key features that it should possess. It should be able to combine the front, rear as well as the back view.  The rexing s300 dash cam pro comes with all this. I have used this dash cam for the past one year, and I don’t regret purchasing it.


  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces
  • Model number: S300
  • Batteries: Li-polymer 3.7v 110 mah battery
  • Product Dimensions: 5.1×3.1×1.6 inches
  • Full-HD Video 1920*1080
  • Screen: 2.7 “slim design
  • Lens: f2.4 six-glass lens
  • Hardware acceleration decoding: Novatek NT 9665BG
  • Angle camera: 170° angle camera


As a driver one of the essential things is your safety and elimination of obstructions. The rexing s300 dash cam pro is wedge-shaped and comes in a new design for convenience as you mount. Unlike most dashboard cameras, you can easily attach this cam behind the mirror without interfering with your view. The design of your dash cam should also complement the shape of your cars.

Rexing S300 Review & Features

  • Super wide, rotatable lens

The cam is fitted with a very wide lens that allows you to view a large area. The lens is also rotatable. This means that this feature enhances a better view. It has a 6 glass lens, in addition to an infrared lens, which prevents fogging when it overheats due to long hours of recording. With this lens, you will get bright and sharp videos regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. With this lens, you can get the front, rear and back view videos as you drive.Rexing S300 Review

  • Adhesive mounting pad

It comes with an adhesive mounting pad. This is a better choice for mounting compared to other mounting pads. This is a safe and permanent mount that will ensure that you are not distracted as you drive.  A suction cup is including as an alternative mounting option. You can choose between the two, the method you prefer. For a permanent mount, the cam is fixed on a bracket slid on the windshield. If you want to keep changing the position of your cam, it is better to use the suction pump, since you can easily transfer from one region to another.

  • HD Quality video

Most dash cams have a limitation when it comes to the visibility and clarity of night videos. For them to be of value to you they must be sharp and clear.  An ideal camera must be able to work optimally both day and night. The rexing s300 dash cam is of HD quality (1920×1080). It is made to function optimally both in the day or night. This dash cam has the ability to produce clear and superb quality videos both day and night that can act as evidence both by your insurance company and in a court of law.

  • Lithium polymer battery

Some dashboard cam batteries are not able to work optimally at extreme temperatures. The rexing s300 dash cam has a Li-polymer battery 3.7v 110mah. It is designed to work optimally and adjust to high or low temperatures. The batteries bear the official MSDS report, a PONY lab certificate to show that it has been checked and certified to be of high quality.

  • Emergency lock and accident auto-detection feature

If an accident occurs, a perfect cam should be able to lock and auto saves the videos. The rexing s300 cam pro can lock the current video clip automatically without your input. This is an important feature that can act as a form of evidence of what transpired in the process. The data can be retrieved and used in a court of law as a form of proof. Most insurance companies also request for this information to know what transpired in the accident.

Editor’s Note: Is rexing s300 dash cam pro Worth the Shot?

If you are looking for a dash cam to capture accidents, traffic stops among other uses, this one will work well. It provides high quality videos and the lenses rotate giving you flexibility when capturing activities. The camera is also designed with a mounting pad to give a secure way to mount it. Additionally, it comes with a suction cup. If you need something that you can use even during adverse temperature conditions, I would advise you try the Rexing s300 dash cam. It can never let you down.Rexing s300 dash cam review


  • Li- polymers battery
  • HD quality videos
  • Emergency lock and auto detection feature
  • 6 Glass lens plus 1 infrared lens
  • Adhesive mounting pad and suction cup


  • If you want a dash cam with GPS feature, this product may not be ideal for you.

Final Verdict

As a driver one of the most critical things is your safety.  The design, lenses, locking features, the quality of videos and battery are the key features that make me recommend you to purchase this dash cam. If you are looking for a dashboard cam that will serve you best, then go for the Rexing s300 cam pro.

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