Best Dash Cam for Truckers With GPS, G-sensor And Night Vision

What happens when you want the perfect solution for recording any footage that relates to any unexpected accidents that may occur as you drive? Well, consider investing in the of the best dash cam for truckers.

Simply put, these are special cameras that can be installed on the dash cam. In most cases, these things are powered through the cigarette port in your vehicle. More so, most high-end dash cam for trucks manufactures often incorporate their units with various useful additional features.

These might include high resolution, WDR/HDR lenses, GPS information, suction pads, loop recording and more. We considered all these features and more when preparing these best dash cam reviews. They include:

Best Dash Cam for Truckers Reviews 2020

1. Roav by Anker Dash Cam C1 Anker Dash Cam C1


  • Advanced sony sensor with wide angle lens and nighthawk vision technology
  • Instant video access with a ROAV app
  • Motion activated gravity sensor
  • Extreme temperature resistance using battery powered

Experience the superior quality of the Roav by Anker dash cam that provides crystal clear recordings and with an advanced sensor.

This camera also provides nighthawk vision technology and it captures as many as four lanes of traffic. Thanks to the instant video access feature, users can use the ROAV app to download, managed ad view recordings.

The Road by Anker Best dash cam has a motion activated gravity sensor. This does well to activate the camera when your vehicle experiences any bumps.

Users will also appreciate that this unit simple to install and very efficient as well. This camera has an improved 3M base buckle to make the bracket firmer and to ensure the Trucker Dash Cam stays stable.

It also has loop recording capability, which means that only priority footage will be saved. The g-sensor is also powerful, and it records when the vehicle experiences any unexpected bumps.

2. Street Guardian SG9665GC v3

SG9665GC v3

  • Full HD 1080P recording capability
  • Metal base holder base for extreme temperature resistance
  • Novatek 96655 processor and Sony CMOS sensor
  • Supports up to 128gb micros and GPS logger included
Experience the superior quality of using the SG965GC v3 camera that provides FULL HD 1080p benefits. Also, this dash cam is equipped with a powerful Novatek processor and Sony CMOS sensor.

Thanks to the medium-wide 10 degrees horizontal design, the Street Guardian SG9665C best dash cam will provide crystal clear and sharp images.

The camera can record full HD 1080p at 30fps, and it provides high-quality footage and images. With the large pixel native 1080p sensor, the WDR provides optimal performance benefits.

Moreover, this best semi truck dash cam also has loop recording functionality which eliminates the need for manual erasing of content.

The novatek sensor does well to process camera functionalities and operations. Taking things to the next level, this unit is also simple to install and to use. It does not require any additional tools to install.

3. OldShark 3″ G505 Dash Cam

OldShark 3" G505 Dash Cam


  • Ultra HD resolution with six layers sharp lenses
  • Emergency accident lock and ultra clear 3.0 LCD
  • Easy to set up and instant playback
  • Durable and safety metal shell
Make your driving experience more convenient by using the Oldshark 1080p dash cam. This unit has been designed to provide Ultra HD resolution, and it uses as many as six layers of a sharp lens.

Besides that, the dash cam can capture 1080p footage, and it will provide stunning image quality regardless of the time of day.

The dash cam is also equipped with a 170-degree wide angle lens that can capture the entire road ahead. Taking things to the next level, this camera is also equipped with an emergency accident lock.

This feature is activated by the G-sensor, whereby the camera automatically locks videos of accidents. It also has loop recording features, which means that only priority content is saved.

This best dash camera for trucks for truckers is also easy to set up, and it provides instant playback. Featuring an enhanced chip set, this best truck dash cam will offer reliable and stable performance.

4. Vantrue X1 Pro Dashboard/Windshield 2.5K Dash Cam

 Vantrue X1 Pro Dashboard

  • High-resolution images and videos
  • Super night vision and HDR system
  • Loop recording and G-sensor
  • 8 wide aperture with 170-degree viewing angle
The Vantrue X1 Pro Dashboard camera is your independed witness to help protect you from any fake claims. This best dash cam for truckers is packed with suitable features to record any accidents that occur during your driving experience.

It provides extremely sharp video quality, which helps you read better street signs, license plates, and any other useful details. The 170-degree viewing angle provides stunning images, and this camera has Micro SD storage of 128GB.

It also has loop recording, which means that only priority content can be saved. The G-sensor is used to record any accidents in the likelihood of any large bumps during travel.

The memory is also expandable to as much as 128 GB. Furthermore, this best truckers dash cam also provides 24-hour parking monitoring and with an optional GPS for location tracking.

Similar to the entire dash camera for semi truck, this unit is simple to set up, and it provides optimal stability benefits.

5. Tilon Dash Cam WIFI 3″ – Wide Angle Hidden Dashboard Camera

 Tilon Dash Cam WIFI 3

  • Advanced driver assistance systems and 3 LCD dash cam
  • Ultra wide angle and rotatable lens
  • Wife connection and app support
  • 3-10 minutes standby time
Realize what it takes to capture high-quality footage especially during accidents by using the Tilon Dash cam. This unit comes with advanced driver assistance systems which for optimal recording benefits.

The video sensor is powerful enough to capture content in sharp full HD 1080P resolution. The camera will also maintain string performance, especially in low light conditions.

Drivers will also appreciate the ultra wide angle and rotatable lens that is a unique combination of recording resources. To be specific, the 160 degrees rotating wide-angle lens can provide either a sweeping view of the road or the interior as well.

Further lending to the superior design of this unit is that it provides wifi connection and app support. The memory is also expandable to as much as 128 GB. This means that the dash cam can be connected to ios, android systems and more.

6. WheelWitness HD PRO Night Vision Dash Cam

WheelWitness HD PRO Night Vision Dash Cam

  • 2560 X1080 high resolution and WDR/HDR technology
  • Three mounts for several vehicles
  • GPS enabled functionality
  • Continuous loop record and LCD screen
With the Wheel witness HD pro dash cam, you can now record high-resolution content with ease. The dash cam has been designed to record everything in crisp 2304x1296p resolution.

More so, the inclusion of wide dynamic range HDR technology means that you can record the best night video. The WDR is able to provide fully balanced exposure and with the ability to compensate for light and dark spots.

This unit also has 3x mounts to suit multiple vehicles and a micro SD card can be inserted as well. The memory is also expandable to as much as 128 GB. With the inclusion of 3 mounts, this camera can be used on various vehicles.

It is also simple to install and its power through the cigarette lighter port. It also has a 170-degree wide angle lens that makes it easy to capture high-quality content for your needs.

7. Z-EDGE Z3 Plus Dash Cam

Z-EDGE Z3 Plus Dash Cam

  • Ultra 2.7k image quality and wide Quad HD lens
  • 155 degree viewing angle and 30 frames per second
  • HDR night vision and six glass lenses
  • Automatic safeguards and the camera switches off automatically
Capturing footage during your driving experience has never been easier than without the Z-EDGE Z3 plus dash cam. This unit has been designed to provide ultra HD 2.5k video quality, and it comes with a power chipset that has a CMOS sensors.

Besides that, the ultra 2.7k image means that you will never miss a license plate or street sign. This feature is backed by the stunning wide quad HD 155-degree wide-angle viewing at 30 frames per second.

The camera makes it simple for you to capture more detail at a distance and with an optimized field of view and with minimal image distortion.

Thanks to the HDR night vision feature, this best truck dash cam enables users to gain access to high dynamic range content. This provides superior low light compensation even if you drive at night.

8. Beschoi 1080p Mini Night Vision Dash Cam

Beschoi 1080p mini Night Vision Dash Cam


  • 1080p full HD video and LCD screen
  • Full 6g lens and IR sensor
  • Six powerful functions and simple installation
  • Stable structure and loop recording
  • 170-degree wide angle recording
Searching for a good dash cam for your vehicle? Consider the Beschoi 1080p mini dash cam that has been designed to provide high-resolution content.

The camera can capture 1920 x 1080 resolutions, and it also comes with a color LCD screen. More so, the camera also has a full 6G lens and IR sensor.

This unit is also equipped with a six element sharp lens that has a 170 degree wide viewing angle. As a result, the camera records well even during night driving, and it is simple to install.

In fact, the manufacturers have done well to ensure that the dash cam sits stable. The dash cam also turns off when the engine stops running, and it is equipped with a powerful g-sensor.

The Bescho 1080 best dash cam also has loop recording, which means that the redundant footage is deleted.




  • Full HD video 1920*1080 at 30fps
  • Superior night vision and unique WDR lens
  • Inbuilt GPS system
  • Emergency lock button and auto-detection feature
Powerful, compact and smart. These are some of the benefits of using the KDLINKS X1 Full HD dashboard camera.

This unit has been designed to provide optimal resolution, and it can automatically record in a hands-free continuous loop. Besides that, this truck GPS with dash cam will provide superior night vision, and it also has wide dynamic range systems as well.

The inclusion of an in-built GPS module does well to record location information precisely. This means that you can check the location, speed, and route of your vehicle with the included dash cam software.

The memory is also expandable to as much as 128 GB. With the additional emergency lock button and accident auto detection feature, this camera does well to lock current video files for optimal safety.

It also has a high quality Li-polymer battery, and it stays stable regardless of the nature of the terrain.

10. Garmin Dash Cam 35

Garmin Dash Cam 35

  • Forward collision warning
  • Red light and speed camera warnings
  • Incident detection and g-sensor
  • Snapshot feature and dash cam player
Garmin is one of the leading brands when it comes to tech products. This includes the Garmin dash cam 35 that is feature packed to suit your unique needs.

For instance, it comes with forwarding collision warning, which informs you if you are too close to the car ahead. Besides that, the dash cam also has a red light and speed camera warning.

This does well to inform you of any red light cameras that are close. More so, the incident detection feature comprises of a unique g-sensor that automatically saves footage of any accidents.

The snapshot also makes it simple for you to capture still images and to capture close up collision damage. The memory is also expandable to as much as 128 GB. Thanks to the inclusion of the dash cam player, users can gain access to play back footage conveniently on display.

Preview Product Rating Price
Garmin Dash Cam 35 Garmin Dash Cam 35 237 Reviews $88.49

Best Selling Dash Cam List:

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Dash Camera

A dash camera is such a sensitive and important resource for your car. Therefore, you need to exercise caution while looking for a dash camera for your car. This review will highlight some of the considerations you need to look at while looking for a dash camera.

This way, you will get a quality dash camera that not only guarantees you value for your money but also provides quality services. Following these guidelines will secure you a durable, reliable, easy to use and quality images dash camera.

Loop Recording

As your dash camera continues recording videos and capturing images, they are stored in the micro SD card which will become full eventually when the storage capacity is exhausted.

Deleting the old videos and images manually to accommodate new recording would be time consuming and inconvenient. However, the loop recording feature ensures that your dash camera can overwrite old images and videos automatically to accommodate new recordings.

Cam Resolution

The videos and images recorded by your dash camera should be crystal clear with clear distinctions. This can only be possible when you use a dash camera that has a good cam resolution. A good quality dash camera will have the ability to record videos and images in HD up to 1080p HD.

Video and Image Transfer

You may require transferring the recorded videos and images to your PC from the dash camera for easy analysis and maybe for storage purposes. This thus requires you to get a dash camera that allows you to easily transfer such data from the dash camera to your PC when need be. Ensure your dash camera has a USB cable that is compatible with your PC or has the micro SDHC card reader that you can use for data transfer.

Auto Start and Stop

This feature is very critical for your dash camera as it what distinguishes its recording from your usual recordings using your smart phones. This feature will make your dash camera to start recording once the ignition key is put in and automatically stop the recording when you stop the car.


The motion detection function incorporated in the dash camera is very essential and your camera is as powerful as this feature. You need to check and confirm that this feature is working correctly and optimally.

Storage Capacity and Memory Card

It is important to start by noting that the memory of the dash camera gets exhausted soon rather than later due to the continuous recording whenever your car is in motion. This means you need to counter check the camera storage capacity as well as the ability to accommodate external storage through the memory card.

Depending on the length of your travel on daily basis, you should select the external memory card that can accommodate as much content as possible. A quality dash camera will support storage of up to 128 GB through the external micro SDHC memory card.

Dash cameras are sensitive, delicate and very resourceful thus when out to purchase one for your car, you will need to put in mind the above considerations so as to buy the best dash camera product. The market is flooded with so many dash cameras all with different specifications thus failure to counter check these specifications may lead you to get a substandard product that will not last as you desire.

Any good quality dash camera should have a very high resolution, sufficient storage space, allows quick data transfer to other devices such as the laptops and have a very powerful G-Sensor feature. These will make your dash camera reliable, durable and worth your money.

Advantages of a Dash Camera for Truckers

Are dash cameras important? Do you really need one installed in your car? With the rising number of drivers who use dash cameras, this is an indication that they are important. In fact, in most parts of the world, many law enforcement agencies make it mandatory for drivers to have the cameras installed in their cars.

There are so many different ways in which dash cameras will benefit you. Not only do they help you record memorable moments but also capture accidents, traffic stops, wanted criminals and much more. If you are not yet convinced about installing a dash camera, check the following advantages they provide and I hope you will consider having one.

Recording accidents

Accidents are common on the road. Sometimes, knowing the exact cause of the accident can be difficult especially is there were no eye witnesses. If you have installed a dash camera, it is easy to see everything the way it happened and this helps in identifying what exactly caused the accident.

Creation of memories

When you are headed for a trip, capturing memorable moments is important. With a dash cam installed in your car, it captures every single moment of your trip. It records maps to places that you visit and have the best adventure ever. In future, you can look at the recordings of the special moments and watch them several times.

Capture behaviors of drivers

With the dash camera, you can watch every action of your driver as he or she drives your vehicle. This ensures that the driver doesn’t use the phone while driving and also behaves well while on the road. This helps keep the drivers on their toes while driving to ensure they are careful and using the road well.

GPS system

A dash camera acts as a GPS system for you and therefore shows the exact location of where you are and where you are headed to. This is helpful especially in cases of a breakdown because you can call help who will get to the location on time. Also, in case you gave someone your car, you can know the location of the car at any given time.


A dash camera also helps in keeping your car safe. For instance, some people might attempt to break into your car when parking. When your car is broken into by unknown person, the dash camera can capture the video that will help you in identifying the person.

Other advantages of a dash camera

  • Prevention of fraud
  • Great for driving instructors
  • Helps parents with teenage drivers
  • Dash camera help in preventing parking accidents
  • Capture other thrilling moments

By now, I believe you have some ideas on how a dash camera can be useful. These cameras are affordable and they are very easy to install. You can install one on the dashboard of your car and enjoy great memories. With a dash camera, it is easy to know everything that happens inside and outside your car.

Final Verdict

In summary, being a savvy driver is about making informed decisions and investing in practical tech solutions.

This is why we recommend the best dash cam for truckers as an excellent suggestion for your needs.

These dashboard cameras for semi-trucks make it simple to record footage for your needs, and they are simple to install as well.

Imagine being free from any fake claims and being able to document an unexpected accident. Now, when you get one these dash cams, you can experience these benefits and more.

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